East Troublesome Fire

deer in Shadow Mountain RanchThe 2020 East Troublesome fire was unprecedented in the history of Shadow Mountain Ranch. It was a disastrous life changing event for our owners. Lost to the fire were 15 of our 17 homes as well as the total loss of the historic Shadow Mountain guest ranch.

The Board of SMR POA has a fiduciary responsibility to continue functioning for the common good of all owners and to protect owners equity. With that in mind, the Board had our attorney draft temporary modifications to the Declarations so that owners have flexibility in the debris removal, rebuilding time and temporary living structures. Click here for Modifications to Declarations >>

regrowth after the East Troublesome Fire at Shadow Mountain RanchThe good news as of the summer of 2021 is that the landscape of SMR POA is already starting to rejuvenate. Most of the ground cover has returned and is green with an abundance of colorful wildflowers. To our surprise, the number of property sales has increased and property values have remained steady. In the 10 months since the fire there were 6 property sales which is the most in the past 24 years. Sales prices for those properties averaged 100% of comparable sales before the fire.
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There is currently one new home under construction with an estimated 8 additional homes to begin construction in the spring and summer of 2022.

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